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Hi…. I’m Tiffany, so lovely to meet you!  Thank you so much for your interest in my blog.  As of a few years ago I was a NorCal gal tried and true. Then (gasp) I fell in love with someone from New Jersey.  After an expensive 1+ year relationship rendezvouing across the US we ended up here in Washington.  (Luckily the move panned out for both of us as we got hitched in 2010).  Now, “husband” (as I will refer to him so lovingly in my blog), C.J. (our Toy Fox Terrier) our new baby girl aka “little babe”/”bambi lee” (born May 2012) and myself live in a cozy little town home on “The Eastside” .  I worked in the sexy world of life and disability Insurance for 14 years and just recently quit to stay at home with my little cherub/diva. In my free time I enjoy working out (I’m addicted to Bar Method) cooking, and trying to find some way to exercise my creative side…….. all the meanwhile missing my friends and family and missing that glorious large round ball called the sun. (Oh where for art thou oh glorious sun?!)

I have had a love affair with food for as long as I can remember. It’s only been until pretty recent that I discovered, I can actually do this cooking thing!  I have a slight addiction to Food Network, more importantly Ina Garten (aka Barefoot Contessa… if Ina wished to take me as her daughter, I might have to have a long hard sit down with my mom.  Only joking mommy!).   I’m always anticipating some way to improve our townhome surroundings (since we do find ourselves inside a lot) so recently I’ve been growing some cajones and have begun trying some crafty projects.  I so look forward to sharing my “she’s crafty” projects with you.  Husband and I love to have “minications” and love to eat at new restaurants (not lying, I actually review menus before I get to a restaurant so I can anticipate the delicious goodness that will be deposited into my belly).  So as we come across new spots or as I recollect those of the past, I’ll deliver those deets (details) to you.

So in a nutshell I wanted a place to share my passions in life and thought a blog was the perfect outlet.   Here you will find recipes that I’ve tried and enjoyed, projects that myself (and husband sometimes too) haven’t completely ruined, restaurants, places and things that I find sooops (super) fabulous and above all, all things that I love in life.  I hope you find something you love here as well…..If not, at least something to make you forget the worries of your day-to-day and smile for a brief moment.


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