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Fresh Mozzarella

Gawd, there is nothing more hot than a gorgeous Italian man making me fresh cheese.  Is that wrong?  (I didn’t catch a picture of husband making it, but trust me…’s sexy.  Hmm….maybe it’s just seeing him in dish gloves that … Continue reading

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Paaaatttaaay season is amongst us kiddos!  You gotta love all the merriment and cheer that gets packed into November and December with all the holiday shindigs.  Are you throwing a party?  (If so, I better be invited – I’m a … Continue reading

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Cheese Plate

I could sooo……live off of cheese and bread. (Well, maybe a little vino thrown in there too!) On this lovely Saturday, we ran errands for the bulk of the day (why do you spend so much time at Home Depot … Continue reading

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Brie and Pesto Crostini with Pear Coulis

So my niece is obviously related to me!  Do you know what her sweet little soul brought me on her visit?  A cute jar of homemade pesto. What a thoughtful gift! Bringing food to her auntie?!   She knows me … Continue reading

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Baked Fontina

Have you had sourdough bread?  I mean REAL sourdough bread?  If you haven’t had sourdough in San Fran, you haven’t had sourdough bread.  I honestly took my sourdough bread for granted when I lived in the Yay Area.  Now I … Continue reading

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