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Cheese Plate

Cheese Plate

I could sooo……live off of cheese and bread. (Well, maybe a little vino thrown in there too!) On this lovely Saturday, we ran errands for the bulk of the day (why do you spend so much time at Home Depot when you get married?). In the end, while folding laundry, I caught the end of a Cooking Channel special on cheese. A whole entire show devoted to all things cheesy and delicious. Awesome. Husband popped his head in the room and all I said is “I must have a cheese plate for dinner”. I mean what better way to spend a romantical Saturday night…..a little cheese plate, some candle light, a lovely fire in the fireplace, some soft Marvin Gay playing (bomp chica boww wowww). HA! Those things didn’t happen at our casa tonight. Our romancey cheese plate evening was spent over “The Game of The Century”. Yes. The LSU and Alabama game. I don’t know about you…..but watching the top 2 US college teams go head to head, on a Saturday night, over a cheese plate, gets me all hot and bothered;-)

In all seriousness, if ever you don’t feel like cooking, a cheese plate is the way to go. When I used to live with my girlfriend, and we’d have a bad day, we’d whip up a cheese plate and have some wine. Day = instantly good. I’d recommend Food Hole (that’s what I call Whole Foods) for making a perffff cheese plate. They have a really nice cheese section, as well as all the fixins you could think of. Husband told cheese man that he’d be enjoying a Cabernet from Januik and asked his suggestion on 3 cheeses to go with his wine choice. So with the recommendation from cheese man, our cheese plate included a bleu, gouda and manchego (all amazing). We also got a few different spreads, a fig as well as a chile lime for a little heat. I added some sliced baguette, crackers, apple slices and marcona almonds. Dinner done. I put together a wonderful salad from Food Hole’s salad bar, but in all honesty…..we both totally forgot about the healthy salad. We were too busy polishing off all the cheese.  Gawd, I love Saturday nights.

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