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Gawd, there is nothing more hot than a gorgeous Italian man making me fresh cheese.  Is that wrong?  (I didn’t catch a picture of husband making it, but trust me…’s sexy.  Hmm….maybe it’s just seeing him in dish gloves that does it for me?!)  My first trip to New Jersey was just a few months after meeting husband.  During my visit he made “fresh mutz” (that is how he pronounces it) and I was in love (with him and the cheese).  ….and then we moved to Seattle and apparently the curd you make the cheese with isn’t as easy to find in Seattle, as it is in New Jersey. So then I’m thinking “Oh jeeeezus…..ummmm… the only reason I fell for homeboy is because he makes me fresh cheese.  NOW WHAT?!?  MUST FIND CHEESE CURD ASAP or I gotta get out of here!”  Haaaa…..joking.  Anyhow, while at Pike Place a few weeks ago we stumbled upon the Italian Market there called DeLaurenti that has hoards of fresh Italian meats and goods (also hard to come by in these parts).  I thought THERE MUST BE CHEESE CURD THERE – WE MUST GO.  Thank you lord, there was.  Granted, it was much more expensive then it is in NJ but what the hey – if it meant I was going to fall in love all over again with husband it was well  worth the money (haaaaaaaaaaaaa).

So here is the easy instructions:

  • Cut 1/2 lb of cheese curd into cubes
  • Heat your water to just about boiling (little bubbles)
  • Place cubes into hot water until they are malleable (this is my new favorite word)
  • Knead the cubes together until smooth(knead was husband”s word – I rather use “massage”).  Tip – Use nice clean dish gloves.  The water is very hot and you will burn yourself if you do not!
  • Make a long tube under the water and braid
  • Place the braid in cool water (slightly cooler than room temperature)

After he made the cheese he put it on top of crusty bread, with fresh thinly sliced spicy coppa, tomato, basil, a little olive oil, good balsamic, salt and pepper.  Bam.  Put a fork in me, I’m done.  I love him.

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