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Roasted Crab

Happy 2012 to you and yours!!

If you could eat one last meal in your life what would it be?  You can think long and hard about that question if you must, but I don’t have too.  Hand’s down, my meal would be the roasted crab and garlic noodles from Crustacean San Francisco.  The restaurant is family owned and so it is told, that these 2 recipes are family secrets and only family members are allowed in the kitchen when these dishes are made.  Now, I’m not at all certain just how true that story is, but you would be a believer too it if you ever have the opportunity to try for yourself. During one of my visits to Crustacean, I over served myself food in a major way.  I late 1/2 an order of garlic noodles and an ENTIRE dungeness crab on my own.  These items are literally that good!  You just can’t stop yourself from shoveling the food into your mouth.  You hate to think about the euphorically perfect intake of crab and garlicky noodle goodness coming to an end.  Then sadly it does end and you instantly plot how and when your next visit will be.

Well, one of the unfortunate facts about living in Washington is that I cannot make it to Crustacean.  In all honesty, I probably haven’t even been to the An family’s fine establishment in a good 5 years.  So, I had to find a way to bring a little NorCal to WaWa this New Year’s eve.  I found both the roasted crab and garlic noodle (inspired) recipes online at (click the link for the recipes) RasaMalasia.  They definitely came through for a close 2nd to Crustacean San Francisco.  I’ve made the crab recipe before for entertaining and got wonderful reviews.  It’s the first time I’ve tried the garlic noodles….they were heaven.  Just make sure if/when you make these dishes that you aren’t making them for someone you are newly dating.  I know garlic is supposed to be an afrodisiac, but man……warm garlicky crab breathe just isn’t hot, no matter who you are.  For the full experience serve with some warm crusty sourdough bread and a glass of sauvignon blanc or sparkling wine….then put a fork in yourself cuz you’ll be done!

Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles

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