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Quite often I will concoct something in my mind that I must have.  Most of the time itBirds Before just doesn’t exist….or I just cannot locate it.  As was the case with the antiquie looking birds that I needed (because my life just couldn’t go on without some in my window).  Well after searching high and low I found these cute black birds on Etsy.  Now, I just had to make them look old (nothing like buying something new just to make it look old right?!).

So at Michael’s they have this antiquing kit  that has everything you need to antique your life.  You paint your item a copper color and then paint over it with the included solution and….BAM!…..antiquie looking item.

Birds After

Note to those that try this method, the solution will literally eat through aluminum.  I realized this when husband handed me a piece of aluminum to put in my paint bowl (so I could re-use it for the solution, because we try to be all green and stuff and re-use items).  My intuition told me it wasn’t a good idea to pour the solution onto aluminum. Against my better judgement I did.  The solution started to sizzle and quickly ate a massive whole in the aluminum.  Ok….honestly….it was really awesome to watch, so maybe you would like to try it out for fun at your home (obviously I’m easily entertained).  Go have yourself some antiquing kit fun!

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