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I was off to NorCal (aka “the mother ship”) this weekend.  You see my most bestest friends in the whole wide world were throwing me a baby shower (which was absolutely perfect in every way thank you very much).  In honor of the up-coming shower blog, I thought I’d share with you a shadowbox frame I put together for the nursery with paper butterflies.  I’ve always loved the framed butterflies, but whenever I’ve come across one I feel sad.  I wonder if those beautiful creatures were killed just to be mounted in that damn frame.  I mean, I am not some weirdo insect advocate but I do wonder….was their last thought “dear lord, this crazy person is going to kill me with this large pin!”.

I think I get sad because I reflect back when I was a child and remember all of the butterflies I inadvertently killed by my own hand.  Yes, at about 5 years old I was an un-realized butterfly poacher.  My friend Mike from up the street would ride his bike over (my family called him my booooyyyyyfriend which would aggravate me to no end) and we would play in the front yard.  My front yard was mostly huge rocks.  So good ol’ Mike and I would make caves or “homes” for the butterflies we would catch.  We would go around catching butterflies and shove them into these little rock homes.  We would put a family of butterflies into a little home and then close them up so they were safe.  Oy.  Poor little butterflies.

Anyhow, back to the project…..So I found a shadowbox from for 1/2 off and I purchased an assortment of paper butterflies from Beach Cottage Studio on Etsy.  Wam bam thank you ma’am….homemade masterpiece for my up-coming studio wall in the nursery (finished project blog coming soon!).

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