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I found these perfect chalkboard platters through Pottery Barn.  As with EVERYTHING I fall in love with at Pottery Barn I try to wait it out.  I just can’t see spending the money, but in the end I always end up shooting myself in the foot because I wait too long.  The moment I ever pull the trigger and decide to make the purchase, the item is no longer.  It’s like a sick joke they play on me.   Naughty PB.  As was with the chalkboard platters.  I can’t even remember how much they were, but they were just enough, to be too much.  So when I couldn’t find them any longer (after a brief panic session) I decided I could make the darn things myself.  So I found 2 white platters for pretty cheap and bought some chalkboard paint from Michael’s, along with a sponge paint brush.  2 layers of chalkboard paint later – Done!  Ok….I fib….a little.  I needed husband’s help.  I can’t paint a straight line to save my soul.  Husband painted the inside of our house without taping the ceiling.  He is amazing.  So, I volunteered him to do his perfect straight lines (after pleading….a lot) on the platters.  Last thing I needed was plate hangers which I got at Aaron Brothers.

So, if you want a chalkboard, run your pretty little bootie on over to Michael’s and grab yourself some chalkboard paint.  Basically you could make anything into a chalkboard, the possibilities are endless and hey… makes for a great time on a Friday night when there aint schtuff going on!

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5 Responses to DIY Chalkboard Platters

  1. Kiki says:

    You are so creative!! I love these. Can you make me some?? Just kidding =)

  2. These are too cute! And I hear ya about PB being a tad bit too much!
    (I’m Paul’s friend from back in the day, you can ask him…) I just got an email from him that you have this website up. Very adorable. He’s so handy dandy with the computer. And congrats about the wedding! Awesome! How did you guys meet? And how did you guys decide on Washington?

    Lots of love!

    Blaire Allison
    Intuitive Heart Healer
    The Love Guru

    • tiffany says:

      Hi you! Paul’s told me all about you and your fun online happenings. Huge congrats to you and yours on your engagement. We met in Seattle while visiting friends. Paul got a job in WA after our year+ long distance relationship and I ended up falling into a job opportunity in WA as well. Basically the planets were perfectly aligned and here we are.

      Lots of love right back at cha and wishing you and yours all the bestest!

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