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Husband says I kill all plants.  This isn’t how it’s always been.  When I lived in California I had n plants, and I loved to garden.  I kept these darn plants alive even.  The difference now with my current situation is sun.  When I moved to WaWa I couldn’t grasp the fact that I couldn’t go buying the same types of plants, or else they would die within weeks. (I watched many die a quick death, some a bit slower)   So I have since switched gears and have opened my arms to some shade loving plants.  So my green thumb is slowly starting to come back, thank you very much.

I wanted to bring a little outdoors in.  I tried this with my windowsill herbs but again……no sun = grave of herbs.  So my windowsill pots quickly became succulent pots and that’s just fine by me.

I wanted moor indoor plants!  I wanted a terrarium!  At Pottery Barn I fell in love with an antique pickling jar ugggg….and this wood terrarium (looks kind of like a mini greenhouse).  Gosh, that sounds so frickin lame, but I did.  They were 2 things I couldn’t bring myself to buy.  They were just too expensive.  Then I began obsessing over them and searching online to find something similar, even went into antique shops trying to find a close 2nd …..and I came up empty handed.  Begrudgingly I bought the over-priced jar and baby greenhouse.  They had been sitting in our room now for about a month, empty.  So I made it a goal this last weekend to build 2 terrariums.  

Terrarium 2 Before

Terrarium 1 Before

I found this online tutorial with the cutest little gal walking you through how to make your own indoor terrarium.

Seemed easy enough, and it was.  In the baby greenhouse I just did potted plants inside, and covered the pots with moss.  I did the other terrarium just like the cute gal in the video.  I’ll let you know how long I’m able to keep these poor little plants alive!

Terrarium 2 After

Terrarium 1 After

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