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Framed Cork ArtI am a Gemini….therefore my taste changes with the wind.  When we initially moved in, all my old tropical themed junk filled the townhouse.  I didn’t have enough time to fill our home with things I loved because we were in the middle of planning a wedding and dealing with our money pit of a home (multiple bouts with water damage).  So after our home improvement projects and wedding was complete, I’ve started to slowly swap out items in the home that I haven’t been in love with.

I got 2 white whimsical frames from Pier 1 Imports that were 2 for 1.  The frames I loved, but for the life of me I couldn’t find anything to put in the darn things. (I have a really hard time investing myself in artwork). Then it came to me….corks!  I’m not sure why, but we’ve always kept our wine corks (we heart vino!!).  I remember my parents doing it, so now I do it.  I finally found a reason to use some of those puppies. I should have used some craft glue, but I’m not gonna lie, I used super glue to adhere the corks.  I figured I had it, so why not use it.  So if you are like me and buy frames when you don’t even have a picture to put in the darn thing…..drink some vino, and make some cork art!

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