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Hi ya’alls!  I found this great site where you can download free subway art for different occasions: eighteen25 blogspot They are so adorable and perfect for your entry way or wherever.  I’ve already printed up a few (Fall-St Paddy’s Day).  You just slap that puppy in a frame and your home has instant festiveness (is that even a word?  ok, yup it is….I just checked.  I’m going to definitely use it more.)  You can’t beat free peeps.  I mean, nothing is free these days.  Ok…ok….wait…I actually had to pay for the printing of the thing because my printer SUCKS POOP (husband, are you reading this?!  As a reminder our printer is a crap hole.  We have electronic gadgets galore but have a janky @$$ printer.  Alright, I think I got my point across.


Also, as a side note I would like to report that the sun did grace itself with her presence this week.  It was magical.  I don’t remember when I had saw it last….so…very…..long…..ago…..  I couldn’t even bring myself to wear sunglasses, I wanted the vitamin d to penetrate my retinas.  I took the babe and dog on a walk to the beach and it was like I was born again.  We saw a sailboat, and ducks and it was all so serene and perfect.  I almost wanted to cry and I thought “dang girl….you crazy….pull it together”.  ME LOVE SUN.

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