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Dresser Before & After

I have been blessed with the most amazing friends in my life.  Genuine, good, strong, happy people.  So is true with my little friend Miss Monica “Paola”.  She was my bestie starting in 3rd grade.  We were inseparable.  As with most little girl friendships, you grow-up, things change, and sometimes you go different directions.  Through it all I always admired this fabulous female and wished her all the best. Our paths have crossed in the past, but just recently passed at such a perfect time.  New Years Eve day.  I found out that she had moved to Vancouver, Canada and would be driving from home in NorCali through Washington.  Even better she is now engaged to one of my best pals/partners in crime from High School (on a side note I totally tried to hook them up back in High School so maybe I do have a slight knack for the matchmaking…..just saying).  I mean look at this couple….they are absolute gorge.  Don’t just ooooze happiness?!?  Love it.
Monica has always been uber crafty and I am happy to report that she still is.  She is in a bit of a nesting mode with recently moving, and her up-coming wedding so I’m totally living through her craftiness right now (since our itty bitty townhome cannot fit anymore crafty/furniture projects….so daddy says).  She found the dresser on Craigslist and made it into something fabulous!!  Her directions are below.  Thanks so much for sharing Miss Monica.  Loves you loads.  xoxo





Tools needed:

  • Spray adhesive – Michaels $10
  • Sharp microtip scissor or fabric roller cutter
  • Face mask – for protection from spray adhesive fumes
  • Latex gloves
  • Thick fabric – She used 1 thick curtain panel. Tip: note that by choosing a geometric design fabric you will have to be careful with adhering fabric on straight. The straight lines of the design easily show crooked against the  straight edges of dresser drawers

Step 1:  Clean the dresser drawer front free from dust.

2:  Place fabric on floor. Place dresser drawer front on top of fabric. Cut fabric slightly larger than what is needed to cover drawer.

Step 3:  Spray the drawer front in an even motion ( making sure to cover the very edges well). Also, spray the backside of fabric for a better hold. Tip: turn the ‘opening’ of the drawer away from you. In other words, the part that holds your clothes.  This way you won’t be spraying glue into where your clothes are held.

Step 4:  Adhere the fabric to drawer front. Excess Fabric will be hanging off the drawer edges.

Step 5:  Wait for adhesive to dry for 30 mins.

Step 6:  Check all edges of the drawer with your fingertips to ensure the fabric adhered well to the drawer. If not, lift fabric flap and spray more glue (this is where the latex gloves come in handy since you’ll be spraying on your hand while you hold up fabric flap).

Step 7:  After you’ve ensured every edge has properly adhered and the bond is solid you can start cutting the excess fabric.

Step 8:  Place a drawer upside down on top of another drawer so the backside of the fabric is facing you. This will give you leverage when cutting excess fabric. Tip: a fabric roller cutter may work as well when placed on a cutting mat.

Step 9:  Cut away excess fabric by ‘gliding’ your sharp scissor along the edge of drawer.  Tip: don’t manually cut like you’re cutting paper. Rather, ‘glide’ your open scissor along the fabric without actually closing the scissor.  Tip: the fabric is more likely to fray if the edges of fabric are not tightly adhered to drawer. Cut away fraying with your microtip/ fine scissor.

Step 10:  Enjoy your newly refurbished dresser that was an eye sore before!


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