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Spa Pom Pon Baby Bedding

Oh how I love to decorate, it just makes me content.  A bambino is the most wonderful reason to re-decorate a room.  Now, I know that having a baby is one of life’s greatest surprises and blah….blah….blah……but darn it, husband and I are planners and we just had to know what flavor baby we were having.  We were thrilled to find out that we were having a little bambi g (a baby girl I so lovingly refer to as little babe).  I was probably a little more excited then husband because now the females in the house will totally dominate (little babe, furry daughter CJ and lil ol me) hee hee.  ….and so the decorating begins.

Buxton Blue Benjamin Moore (HC-149)

Some may be shocked to find this out to me but I’m not a lover of the color pink.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan on dressing little babe up in pink tutus, pink cowboy boots with  a whole lot of pink bling.  However, I just couldn’t see poor little babe in a pepto bismol pink room.  The thought of it repulses me.  So I decided to roll with a pale blue soothing color.  I found the above bedding which has been my inspiration for the room.  Next was, what color to paint?!  Husband and I agreed on the Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore (because for some odd reason we are not allowed to use any other paint except Benjamin Moore in our house.


Dripping Crystal Shade Sconce

I had saved a picture of a light I had found in a magazine for our spare bedroom JUST IN CASE we found out that little babe was a girl.  I think this light will look stunning against the blue wall and I can’t wait for everything to come together.  As of now, decorating is at a standstill.  Why do you ask?  Husband will tell you it’s because we haven’t sold the desk in our spare room yet.  I have an inkling that he doesn’t want to start on the nursery project until after Super Bowl Sunday, which I totally get.  I can’t wait to share the outcome with you all!




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