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I went to Target the other day for 1 thing.  Isn’t that how the story always seems to go?  I didn’t even grab a basket because I wanted to be sure I grabbed only that 1 item.  ….Then it happens….for some reason the bright lights and organization draw me in and the next thing I know I am literally walking down each and every single aisle in a daze.  My usual strategic shopping efficiency thrown out the window. Then I saw her – My rotating jewelry holder (click on the link and you can order it online in different designs).  How have I lived with out you rotating jewelry holder?!  She was $29.99, which I thought to be a bit pricey.  HOWEVER, I had never seen one quite like it and just had to have her.  So I walked around the store with my 1 item plus this jewelry contraption.  I must say that as I walked to the register I received several comments from onlookers about my hot @ss.  KIDDING.  Just wanted to see if you were still reading.  No, really….I received several comments about what a great/cute find the jewelry holder was.

Before then I had been storing my extra earrings and necklaces in ice cube trays.  Yeah, yeah, I know….kind of ghetto, but they work great and who doesn’t have some extra ice cube trays lying around.  Guess what?  Even though I have my glorious new rotating jewelry holder I’ll also continue to use those ice cube trays for small accessories because they do work so well.

Aaaaahhhh……organization makes me a happy camper.

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