Spring Green Risotto and Halibut with Lemon Butter & Crispy Shallots

So we spent New Years this year in true new parental form….Like f’ing rock stars yo!  Like straight Jay Z and Beyonce status.  Yup, you know how we roll.  No…….No…….I’m kidding.  We had actually planned an evening in our pj’s on the couch celebrating New Years via East Coast time (because we anticipated falling asleep early.  Gawd, what has happened to us?!) sigh.  We usually have friend’s over for dinner on NYE.  We didn’t this year.  Honestly, I didn’t even want to go through the pain of asking them, and having them decline.  I mean, who wants to hang with 2 new parents and an infant on NYE?  I’m no dumbdumb.  We did end up staying awake until 2:30am which I haven’t done in YEARS.  I in my party dress and stilettos, husband in his dapper tux.  We had a dance party in our living room, just the two of us, after the baby was asleep and at midnight we had a balloon drop.  Nope.  I’m totally lying again.  We did stay up until 2:30 but we both were in sweats, and I’m pretty sure I had baby puke on me. Continue reading

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Where has the time gone?!

Here it is.  I am slightly (ok….ok…. hugely) embarrassed and ashamed that I haven’t sat down to blog since July….JULY PEOPLE…..JULY.  I can’t even believe that many months have flown by.  I quit el trabajar to stay at home with Miss Diva full time (how could I not, look at those cheeks I get to smooch on every day).  In my mind I had this very romanticized idea of what it is to be a Stay at Home Mom.  I’m thinking what?!  These SAHM’s have a cake @$$ job.  It’s got to be a breeze.  Enter reality.  I am highly busy all day long and when I look back at my day I still haven’t accomplished half of what I set out to do.  Feed the babe, play with the babe, change the babe, do some dishes, dance for the babe, remember that I had to use the restroom an hour ago and should do that soon, put the baby down for a nap, say a small prayer for the hour I am given to take a shower and slap on some make-up, do the above all over again.  In the past I have felt huge guilt in looking/responding to emails or sitting down to catch the last 10 minutes of “Giada at Home” (gawd I love her…..wouldn’t you love to live a day in the life of her?!?) unless it’s during a nap.  Well, I will no longer live in shame damn it.  I shall blog (sometimes) while the babe is awake and playing happily on her own.  In all honesty, they probably won’t be as  creative and will be much shorter in the future but hey “IT IS WHAT IT IS”….”WE ARE WHO WE ARE”.


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Sloppy Buffalo Joes

I have a love/hate relationship with Costco.  You always end up bringing home a whole butt load of shite.  It’s like “hey hun….I know there is only 2 of us at home, but lets buy 25 lbs of meat, a million rolls of toilet paper and store it, because it’s just a slammin deal”.  So I always end up with massive quantities of ground turkey meat, and then I always think holy crapola…..this is gonna get real old, real quick. In all honesty, I end up loving whatever we do with it and I feel a little healthier knowing that I used turkey instead of ground beef.  So guess what kittens, that’s why I’m giving you back to back ground turkey recipes.  Wooohooo!

Growing up as a kid we would always have chicken wings.  So as an adult I’ve been fine living without them.  When I moved here I was appalled when husband and his friends wanted to go to Hooters.  Really?! MMMM…..kkkkaaay…..  They gave me the whole schpeel about only going for their amazing wings….blah…blah…blah…..Sure.  I’m believing it. (I always thought that to be a total cop out. Kind of like when men say they only read Playboy Continue reading

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Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

Hi.  I’m alive.  I’m not suffering from postpartum depression.  I’m not starving my husband or myself.  (Although lately I do usually find myself swallowing down my food, in order to tend to my crying child, who just so happens likes to lose it, when I’m soooo hungry and just sitting down to a full meal).  This baby gig is a little more time consuming then I had initially anticipated.  I thought you feed the baby, change the baby, let the baby sleep, entertain the baby….“look at the baby, look at the baby\” (Vince Vaughn, Old School) and you are golden.  I hadn’t really banked on the crying baby in-between all that good ol’ fun…why must she fight her sleep?!  Sure, she’s golden when you are holding her but hell…..it’s kind of hard to hold a newborn while using the restroom, eating, or blogging for Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Love

Little babe decided to give me the most blessed gift of all for my very first Mother’s Day – herself.  She has officially melted my heart.  I am in love.



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