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I’ve been missing in action lately…..for good reason.  A wonderful woman passed away a little over a week ago, husband’s mom.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, a miracle should have happened instead, she deserved that.  I continue to be saddened because I just can’t imagine our little babe’s life without grandma in it.  We needed to find a way to get “little babe” on a flight to see grandma just as soon as she arrived into this world, just as soon as we were allowed, so they could meet.  At least “little babe” could be blessed, if only for a moment, with grandma’s presence.  But it wouldn’t happen.  This is when life just isn’t fair.

During the funeral mass this weekend the Priest said something that resonated with many of us that attended.   It went something like “Don’t be afraid of death.  Be afraid of not living.”  How special.  How simple.  Mom/Grandma lived life, and did so to the fullest.  She loved her family more than anything, and this showed by just how much her family loved her back.  She will be my inspiration on how I wish to live my life, every day to come.

She never got to meet you, Heaven just couldn’t wait….

The angels were calling her name, this was to be her fate.

She loved you before you arrived, this we all know.

Through your beauty and grace, her soul will continue to show.

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