email printWhere has the time gone?!

Here it is.  I am slightly (ok….ok…. hugely) embarrassed and ashamed that I haven’t sat down to blog since July….JULY PEOPLE…..JULY.  I can’t even believe that many months have flown by.  I quit el trabajar to stay at home with Miss Diva full time (how could I not, look at those cheeks I get to smooch on every day).  In my mind I had this very romanticized idea of what it is to be a Stay at Home Mom.  I’m thinking what?!  These SAHM’s have a cake @$$ job.  It’s got to be a breeze.  Enter reality.  I am highly busy all day long and when I look back at my day I still haven’t accomplished half of what I set out to do.  Feed the babe, play with the babe, change the babe, do some dishes, dance for the babe, remember that I had to use the restroom an hour ago and should do that soon, put the baby down for a nap, say a small prayer for the hour I am given to take a shower and slap on some make-up, do the above all over again.  In the past I have felt huge guilt in looking/responding to emails or sitting down to catch the last 10 minutes of “Giada at Home” (gawd I love her…..wouldn’t you love to live a day in the life of her?!?) unless it’s during a nap.  Well, I will no longer live in shame damn it.  I shall blog (sometimes) while the babe is awake and playing happily on her own.  In all honesty, they probably won’t be as  creative and will be much shorter in the future but hey “IT IS WHAT IT IS”….”WE ARE WHO WE ARE”.


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