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Husband and I like to brunch on the weekend.  Isn’t that what most non-parental couples do on the weekend?  When I was a young buck, mom and the fam used to do fancy brunch buffets for holidays.  The eggs benedict (or eggs benne as I like to call it) used to call to me from across the room “Tiffy….tiffy….pssst…..over here….put us in your belly….”.  So now, I’m on a secret mission to find the best eggs benne EVA.

Boat Street Kitchen - Eggs Benedict

We went to brunch last weekend at Boat Street Kitchen in Seattle (fyi the item I am going to discuss is not on their online sample menu).  My girlfriend used to live across the street from this hidden spot and she turned me on to it.  It is there, I have found my most FAVE ( non-traditional) eggs benne, hands down.  I’ve tried it 3 times to be certain, and all 3 times I’ve fallen in love with it all over again.  It is made with, not piggy, but chevre (goat cheese) and artichoke hearts.  What the what?!?!  YESSSSSS…..Soooo…..!  Husband was a virgin, he had never been to this lovely little place.  So I told him what he must order.  He loved it too (I watched his eyes roll back in his head a bit).

If that weren’t enough, I told him up front we must save room for dessert because they make the best bread pudding I’ve evvvverrrr had. Yup! They make it with Amaretto, so it takes on that rich delish (makes you say what is that wonderous taste!) almond flavor.  It’s mind blowing, really. (Oh shoot, and a little Kir Royale along the side of my brunch didn’t hurt in the least bit either).

Boat Street Kitchen - Bread Pudding

If ever you are in the Seattle area, I would strongly suggest a visit to Boat Street Kitchen. Plus, it’s a quick walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park where you can enjoy a nice stroll along the water and work off that dirty good brunch you just enjoyed.  Mmmm….Mmmm…..Mmmm….baby!

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  1. Nick Dube says:

    I love Benedicts as well. There is this place by my sister’s house in NJ you must try. They have 13 different “bennes”!

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