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I was having lunch with a client last week who had recently traveled to Maui.  She had tried the restaurant I had referred her to, and said it was one of the best meals she has had….this took me back to the last time we ate there. So here’s my story:

As luck would have it my dad and step-mom offered up my Nana’s old time share in Maui for Christmas.  Free stay on Maui?  Please.  Yes please.  Now that’s luck! I’ve been to Maui a few times and when I’ve gone there is one absolute must for me – Mama’s Fish House.  Do you want to have one of the most amazing food experiences in your life?  Well look no more, Mama’s ALWAYS delivers.   They have a gorgeous beachfront location, fresh, perfect food and a gracious wait staff that is uber “on it”.  Husband and I took dad and step-mom there for lunch while we were visiting.  We had the Holiday Sashimi (my first sashimi experience was very pleasurable), Mama’s Macadamia Nut Crab Cakes,  Tossed Salad (ha, ha), Mama’s Stuffed Mahimahi (stuffed with lobster and crab and coated in macadamia nuts….YES PLEASE) and the Pièce de résistance…..Polynesian Black Pearl (mousse) and Creme Bruleé with Fresh Liliko’i.  I had absolutely no intentions of getting the Creme Bruleé.  I love creme brulee, but I’ve had so much creme bruleé in my lifetime, I didn’t feel it necessary. I mean it’s just creme brulee right?!  No.  It’s not.  It’s like a lovely journey in your mouth.  Thank God for that lovely waiter of ours, because he talked us into getting it.  It is the BEST creme brulee I’ve ever had in my life.  Now I don’t know what the heck Liliko’i is or what the heck they do to make it glorious, but if I could bottle that gloriousness up I’d happily pour it on my own body and lick it off. (Woah, sorry about that…not sure what got into me!)

So if you find yourself on Maui, promise me that you make Mama’s one of your “must do’s”.  It’s well worth it.  So here’s to you Mama’s Fish House!  I heart you. xo

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2 Responses to Mama’s Fish House

  1. Nick Dube says:

    I love Mama’s fish house…The Pineapple grill is also amazing if you haven’t already tried it.

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