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Thoughts of a cold beer and Stan’s Bar-B-Qis what kept me motivated on my 5 mile hike this weekend.  Is that awful?  I mean, of course the view, company and experience was totally worth it but if you haven’t already figured it out…food is what keeps me going.

Little SiWe decided to hike a mountain called Little Si this weekend (or as I call it Baby Si) with our pals and our furry children.  Luckily we decided to hike Little Si before Big Si, I don’t think any of us realized what we were getting into.  2.5 miles up doesn’t seem bad but shite, it is on a muddy rocky path.  I couldn’t help but to complain for the last 10 minutes up to the peak.  I pride myself in being in fairly good shape but man, it was rough. When we got there I saw small children that had made it no problemo along with some wonder women like mother’s with 6 month old babies strapped to their backs.  Ummmm….really??  Who are these people?  What the heck did those ladies eat for breakfast??  Anyhow, the way down was a much better experience (down is the key word here).  I actually jogged for part of the way down with thoughts of BBQ piggy and beef dancing in my head.  I tried to skip but I slipped and almost ate it, so I stuck with the jogging.  I actually felt sorry for the poor suckers just starting out on their trek.  Haa…Haa…Haa…. sucka’s Mama Tiff is 15 minutes away from putting some delicious goodness in my belly and you have 3 hours of sweat!

Who's Your DaddyHusband and I ordered the same thing we usually do from Stan’s Bar-B-Q.  It is the best name ever.   “Who’s Your Daddy?”.  It’s 1/2 lb of beef brisket, 1/2 lb of pulled pork, ribs, sausage, 2 sides and bread.  It’s basically yum, yum and then some.  I heart this place.  It is the best BBQ I’ve had in a long time and we will keep coming back.  Especially if we hike one of the Mt. Si’s again!  Must.  Have.  Food.Little Si 2CJ Little Si

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