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I went back to the mothership this weekend – NorCali!!  I hadn’t been back in about a year, and really needed to see my mommy and my 2 bestest friends (oh and the sun).  I found this cute little 2 bedroom cottage to rent near downtown Napa called Il Gardino. It was  so cute and had absolutely everything we needed (ok, maybe missing a hot tub!)  My one best friend and her husband stayed the night the 1st night, and mom stayed the 2nd.  I have such wonderful memories of Napa from when I was a wee little child, so I get a little nostalgic whenever I go back.

Day 1 husband, my besties (wwwaaaahhh….I miss my besties already) and their husbands rented a limo from Elite Limoand did a little winehootiepootie (as my aunties used to say) tasting.  Oh what fun!!  We hit up four, and here is my rundown starting with most favorite:

  1. Rombauer(For the splendidilyumpcious wine.  My personal FAVE chardonnay.)
  2. Duckhorn (For the gorgeous garden setting.)
  3. Castillo de Amorosso (For the amazing caves and history.  Thanks Larry for the idea, I appreciate it looking back)
  4. Frank Family (Lovely vino and nice picnic benches, including their chocolate lab that roams the grounds for treats.)

We ended the day by BBQ’ing back at Il Gardino.  We picked up a few sides from the grocery and had some lovely vineyard marinated tri-tip that my friends brought from Brentwood Fine Meats (which they know that I heart and miss from the old town I used to live in).  What a glorious day.
Day 2 mom came over (waaahhhh…..I miss my mommy already!!) and we had the most mind blowing brunch experience at one of my most FAVE places in the Napa Valley, Auberge du Soleil (I vow to stay at that resort at least once before I die.  It’s on the bucket list).  The view from their patio is simply breathtaking.  I have never been to Tuscany (also on the bucket list) but I imagine that the view from Auberge du Soleil is a close second.

We had a 3 course meal and the food looked almost too good to eat.  The food, the view, the company…..Auberge du Soleil provides a memorable experience each time I go.  A very special spot that I highly recommend to all.

We continued on to Mumm for some sparkling wine.  One of my first dates with husband was a weekend away in Napa.  One spot we visited was  Mumm.  We took a picture there that was lost.  I thought I might try to re-create it.  They have a gorgeous view, so get a seat outside!  Randomly we got the same exact table we sat it when we came almost 4 years before (and that’s even with a packed house and waiting in a 15 minute line to be seated).

We ended the day by going to dinner at Angele.  Husband, mom and I had a wonderful meal on their amazing waterfront patio.  My own personal dinner dish was a masterpiece.  I had the Atlantic Char and it was just perfect in every way.  Rats!  We forgot the camera so I couldn’t take a picture of the deliciousness!

Both mornings we headed to Oxbow Public Market which is a fun spot that houses different restaurants and shops in an open setting.  I had the most amazing cornmeal scones from C Casa (I don’t even like scones).  They also have a huge farmers market there every Tuesday and Saturday.  I could spend a few mornings a week walking around it.  I could actually live here in Napa for all the rest of my live long days…. It’s funny that you plan things in life, anticipate them for so long, live them, and then they are gone…..all too quick.  I had visited Napa so many times when I lived in NorCal, but now living away…..I wish I would have visited all the more.  It made me realize how much we take those beautiful places around us for granted.  We all do it.  So get out!  Go find your Napa and relish in all the beauty that is….

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  1. tiffany says:

    Like next weekend….and the weekend after that too! I so miss being near you and seeing your sweet face whenever I wish. Waaahhh…. xoxo

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